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Il Laghello di Amina

An agritourism nestled in the heart of an untouched area

Going up the road that leads to Laghello you will be able to breath in the air of times gone by, filled with the scent of pine and cherry trees, which will lead you into a secret space, a place that time has left untouched. The sea sparkles between the lush greenery of the Apennines and our vineyard sits, happy to welcome visitors.

The peace and tranquillity found in this area that neighbours the Cinque Terre National Park is a truly rejuvenating experience, one which we try to offer our guests day after day, always with the utmost commitment and passion.

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Thanks to our agritourism and farm, we are able to take care of, and protect, this much loved area that boasts rare beauty. Laghello looks onto the Ligurian Sea, with views reaching all the way to the very edge of the French Alps. It is here that plums, chestnuts, blackberries, strawberries, Fragolino grapes and jasmine grow wild. A small, old vineyard, that dates back to the early twentieth century, welcomes visitors, while the olive groves and vegetable garden are the farm’s pièce de résistance.

The wooded area that surrounds us is home to two sulphurous springs and a stream with clean, crystal clear water where you can go for a refreshing dip.

The scent of pine trees and the aroma of roses

A light breeze comes off the sea, making the evenings cool and mingles with the scents of the forest. Laghello is a circular slice of earth, boasting a horizon that fills with the sun and moon. Here, fireflies, stars and the lamps of fishermen mix with the silvery reflection of the moon on summer nights.

We are only 6km away from the sea. As you well may know, the Liguria region is the closest thing to an island that the continent can offer. Here the roads are quick to rise, beautifully winding their way up. You can also get to Genoa, Pisa, Lucca and the Lunigiana in no time at all from Laghello. Florence is just a two-hour car ride away.


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Organic Farm

The produce from our land

Il Laghello di Amina is a certified-organic farm. Here you will find olive oil, wine, honey, fresh pollen, fruit and vegetables and jams. All with zero food miles!


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Our Apartments

We aim to walk lightly on this “little old world” and try not to weight it down with unnecessary cement, therefore we implemented construction technology that was designed to guarantee the maximum comfort, while respecting the surrounding ecosystem. This earned our agritourist business five stars.


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This stretch of the Ligurian coast is one of least light-polluted and untouched areas in Italy. Here there are masses of stars that create designs in the sky, telling the ancient stories of the millennia. Now it’s your turn to come and discover everything that we have just told you…